Holiday Gift Guide

By Kristina Matisic

Anyone who says you shouldn’t give appliances as holiday gifts clearly haven’t paid a visit to Coast Appliances lately! Today’s appliances are more efficient, highly designed, and drool-inducing than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a small gift or one that will blow their socks off (and dry them too), here’s a list of some of our favourite holiday gift ideas.


  1. For the leftovers enthusiast


Wolf chamber-style vacuum seal drawer 

Are leftovers continually going bad in the fridge, or worse, getting freezer burn? The Wolf chamber-style vacuum seal drawer helps preserve frozen foods, remove air to prepare for sous vide cooking and infuse flavours into proteins, vegetables, and oils. The handleless, push-to-open drawer comes in stainless, black glass or custom panels in 24” and 30” widths, making them an easy match for any kitchen design. You can even use it to preserve that half-consumed bottle of wine.


  1. For the smoothie buff


KitchenAid 5-speed Pro Line Cordless Hand Blender

Daily smoothies get a lot easier to make (and clean up) with the KitchenAid 5-speed Pro Line Cordless Hand Blender. The rechargeable blender comes with a 12-volt lithium ion battery, five attachments, and two blending arms for easy blending, chopping, whisking, shredding, frothing, and pureeing.  Kale sold separately.


  1. For the coffee aficionado


Thermador built-in coffee maker

Anyone who appreciates coffee knows that for the best cup, beans should be freshly ground. The Thermador built-in coffee maker has an adjustable grind setting for different strengths, as well as adjustable temperature settings and a milk and frothing dispenser with a one-touch function. It also comes with automatic steam cleaning for the milk system and an automatic descaling program.  Have your favourite cuppa freshly made at the touch of a button.


  1. For the condo owner (who doesn’t have their own ensuite laundry)


Asko heat-pump dryer

Do your loved ones complain because they don’t have a washer or dryer in their apartment? (Or worse, come over to do their laundry?) Heat-pump laundry (a high-efficiency washer paired with a heat-pump dryer) is becoming increasingly popular for condo owners who are space-challenged, and also with homeowners who want to put in the second set of laundry machines, say in their master bedroom. A heat-pump dryer, such as this model by Asko,  requires no ducting, so it can be put anywhere with no modifications necessary.  It’s also more energy efficient because the dryer contains and re-uses the heat, as opposed to a normal ducted dryer, that is constantly venting the heat out.


  1. For the avid entertainer


Bosch steam oven

Anyone who’s cooked Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner knows that a second oven would be a true blessing. The Bosch steam oven is not just for steaming, it can tackle a wide variety of dishes and cooking requirements, including roasting an entire bird. It also features convection baking options and is perfect for reheating those holiday leftovers. It’s not plumbed so it makes for easy installation. (Though if you unwrap it Christmas morning, no guarantee that we can get it in place in time for dinner!)


  1. For the partier


Marvel built-in beer dispenser 

There comes a time in every partier’s life when it’s time to upgrade from the basic kegger. The Marvel built-in beer dispenser can store half kegs, tall quarter kegs, pony kegs, sixth barrels, Cornelius kegs, growlers, bottles or cans. And when the party’s over, it can even convert to the fridge to store perishables. We’ll drink to that!


  1. For the oenophile


 Frigidaire Bottle Wine Cooler 

Are your partner’s whites clogging up the fridge? Or maybe the reds aren’t leaving any space in the shoe closet. The Frigidaire Bottle Wine Cooler may be the perfect, civilized solution. Offering storage for 42 bottles of wine, and a variable temperature range, it’s perfect storage space for red, white, and sparkling wines. It even comes with a convertible shelf for canned beverages. And the best part, it’s currently on sale!


  1. For the retro buff who has everything


 Smeg Freestanding Compact Beverage Centre

Have a car collector in the family? Check out the Smeg Freestanding Compact Beverage Centre, made with genuine Fiat 500 parts. It comes with a hinged door, internal lights, and a retro analogue temperature display. The stainless steel cooling compartment can hold up to 100 litres, and the bonnet (trunk) comes with a removable bottle carrier.  Plus, it’s available in a number of eye-catching colours. Now all they have to do is decide where to park it!


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*Some items may be special order